Brother's Keeper 1/1

Title: Brother's Keeper
Author: Jayne
Fandom: Third Watch
Pairing/Character: Bosco/Faith
Word Count: 4144
Rating: PG
Summary: A seemingly innocent viewing of the an episode of Prison Break makes Bosco rethink his relationship with his brother.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters used or mentioned in the story nor do I own the rights for the name of the story, I have merely borrowed them for my own creative purposes and have no intention of profiting from them in any way.
A/N: Concept of the fic came from watching Prison Break 1.16 back in August and made me wonder, what if. You can find a short description/summary of the episode here.
A/N#2: Thanks to tyniere and bluejulie for betaing this piece of work. Enjoy.

Brother's Keeper
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season 6 reloaded 2

Season 6: Reloaded Season Finale

The last chapter of Season 6: Reloaded finale has been posted. If you've been waiting until the series was finished to start reading, here it is, have fun! And if you've been reading along with us every week, thanks! Here's the link to the last chapter:

Attack On Camelot

Previously on Third Watch

An eager young rookie came to the 55 with visions of saving the world. Paired with an older, wiser veteran, he learned exactly how the world worked. And saw his partner gunned down one night.

Two eager young rookies came to the 55 years later ready to take on the world. Their lives intertwined until an outsider couldn't tell where one ended and the other began.

An eager young rookie came to the 55 years later ready to take up his father's legacy. Working with his father's old partner, he soon learned that his father's shining image was a lie.

Now their hard work and trust will be tested in one night of fire.

Here's a link to the Reloaded section of the board for those who need to catch up or start from the beginning if you've been waiting until the finale was posted. A big thanks monack for giving us our own forum to post in.

Season 6: Reloaded at
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Quote - Propriety

Re: Secret Santa Fun

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I have been so quiet this year so far but I have had no free time for my obsession and this is a very sad thing indeed ;)

First off, if this post is in anyway not allowed I want to
apologize profusely and please delete it. Anyway I am here to pimp a
community of which I am a mod. It's a slash fic exchange
livejournal commuinty for Christmas. Third Watch is one of our fandoms on
offer, so check out the user page and join in on the fun. Hope to see
you there: secretsantafic

Community Mummy

P.S. I'm posting this same blurb to a whole mess of communities I
lurk/participate in. So if you see it repeated, I'm sorry, but I wanna
get the word out there! Hehe. Once again, if this is clashing with
this comm's rules, I am extremely sorry.

TW on A&E

This post will be a bit rushed, so please excuse the nature of the post. For the 4 am ET/1 am PT airing on Monday, August 7 we get:


And for the two episodes on Friday August 11 at 8 am ET/5 am PT, repeating at 2 pm ET/11 am ET, we get:

In Plain View
Higher Calling

Happy Viewing :)

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TW on A&E

Sorry of the lateness of the post, but I suppose you will forgive me. Here is the 4 am ET/1 am PT schedule for July 31 and August 1:

Higher Calling

And here is the schedule for the 8 am ET/ 5 am PT airing, re-airing at 2 pm ET/11 am PT on August 4:

Spanking the Monkey

Please don't blame me for A&E's schedule; I am only the messanger.

Happy viewing.

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TW on A&E

I hope you are finding ways to beat the heat by whatever means you are able to do so. Me, I think I am just surviving the 90+ degrees that I have been experiencing for the last couple of days, plus it doesn't help that I feeling slightly bored, having run out of things to do at the moment. So without further adieu, here is the schedule for the 4 am ET/1 am PT airings for July 24 - July 29:

No More, Forever
Family Ties, Pt. 1
Family Ties, Pt. 2
Spanking the Monkey
In Plain View

And here are the episodes that are being aired on July 28 at 8 am ET/5 am PT, reairing at 2 pm ET/11 am PT:

Family Ties, Pt. 1
Family Ties, Pt. 2

Happy Viewing

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